Hire Terms & Conditions

Please take extra care of our items as they are all handmade and a lot of love has gone into making them. The item may also be hired out by someone else following your rental period so we require them to be returned in the same condition as you hired them.

The item is to be returned in the same packaging it is in when you receive it. This may affect your bond if it is returned unpackaged.

In the extremely rare event that the item is returned damaged by the leaser prior to your lease date we will do our best to repair or replace the item. If the item can’t be replaced in time an alternative item will be offered and a percentage or full refund may be deemed necessary.

Hire is for 4 to 5 days (a weekend hire is from Friday until Tues the following week). Please check our trading hours to make sure you can return the item by the necessary day as the item may be hired out for the following weekend. Trading hours may change.

If you would like to hire the item across two weekends, the fee is to be paid twice.

If the item is not returned by the due date and the item is booked you will be responsible to cover the cost for the following booking.

Returned damaged or broken it is at the discretion of Inked & Etched as to how much of the cash bond will be refunded, if any. If we need to fix the item, you may receive a portion of the bond back. If we need to replace the item, none of the deposit will be refunded.

Cancellations are charged at the following rates:
1 month prior to the event incurs full loss of cost of hire.
3 months prior to the event incurs 50% loss of cost of hire.

Thank you for choosing Inked & Etched and we hope your event is fantastic!